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Industry application
Electronics industry

Metal parts are widely used in industrial production. The machine vision inspection system can be used to detect the quality of various round, circu...

Automobile industry

Machine vision is widely used in automobile industry, which can greatly improve work efficiency and ensure work quality. Here are some examples of t...

SMT industry

SMT industry is another key electronic information industry after PCB, and also the birthplace of Chinese machine vision equipment manufacturers. Mi...

Laser industry

Laser processing is a widely used industrial processing technology, which can achieve high-precision marking, cutting, carving, welding and other fu...

Application of machine vision in tobacco industry

Tobacco industry is a big industry in China, which can create a lot of tax and employment opportunities for the government every year. The manag...

Application of machine vision in medical device industry

Introduction   With the continuous improvement and renewal of medical level and medical devices, the disposable injection needl...

Semiconductor industry

Semiconductor technology is the foundation of modern information industry and the birthplace of machine vision technology. In the 1990s, European an...

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